Agile Transformation for SMEs and Start-Ups

An intensive program to learn and implement Agile methodologies to give your team and organization the tools and discipline to ship predictably, faster, and better

Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner
Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner

Agile transformation, especially for small teams and organizations, is the secret weapon for keeping up, getting ahead, and staying ahead in the application-driven world.

These methodologies are the absolute best place to start if you have a small team, are looking to build a software team as an SME, or are a startup that wants the right foundation to hockey stick.

Let's talk about....agile.

Agile processes are the number one proven means for consistently delivering software. Success is a product of discipline. Agile has the highest output for the required input when used correctly. Delivering and being agile becomes the team discipline.

As a Scrum Master (PSM), Product Owner (PSPO), Software Craftsman, and seasoned Project Manager, I put your team and product first. I bring first-hand experience from across the SDLC and enthusiasm to provide the tools to ship products with less effort.

Agile methods transformed how I work; now it is your turn!

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Recognize these problems?

Most people do. Even a temporary disruption of the software pipeline can be fatal. The QA team needs to stay busy, the developers need to have work planned, someone needs to build a roadmap, and who is reviewing the code?

Missed Delivery

  • Capacity-based planning and estimation provide a firm timeline for business while providing the freedom necessary for a software team to excel. Delivery will always be wobbly without a framework for estimating work and time.
  • I WILL DELIVER a common means to negotiate, discuss, and manage timelines and throughput of software development. Insight on capacity drives realistic timelines.

Scope Creep

  • Two-fold approach. First, treat poor specifications and define what a good "unit of work" is while empowering the developers to kick back bad work for necessary revisions.
  • I WILL DELIVER approaches for staff to recognize and create usable specifications that are fair and completable. No one is overworking; the shared sprint goal and process transparency create successes built on discipline and hard work.

Poor Collaboration and Communication

  • It starts with a daily stand-up meeting. A simple touch point into concern, understanding, and relevance for all work. All qualities of a higher-functioning team.
  • I WILL DELIVER a team with increased lateral communication and awareness. Problems no longer fester; the team has learned the power of self-organization.

Turnover and Growth Problems

  • Agile is the #1 common denominator for software development. Your future developers may select against your company, seeing a need for more processes. Your hires will take longer to onboard. Your tasks need to be operating more efficiently.
  • I WILL DELIVER teams and organizations a means to onboard new people with ease and consistency. The best talent recognizes your commitment to Agile and the craft of software.

Inconsistent Output

  • By delivering context between business and code as a Software Craftsman, I leverage the tools of Agile to identify bottlenecks and flawed processes while encouraging positive change.
  • I WILL DELIVER basic procedures to keep the team in the right direction with a built-in mechanism to identify and manage long-running work. Process improvement begins with context discussions.

Hitting the Ceiling

  • It is common for leaders to scale beyond their capacity to manage a software team. Agile as infrastructure allows the team to self-organize and grow with the company.
  • I WILL DELIVER the framework to have your software development become a stable business asset and collaborative partner interested in the growth and quality of your product.

It takes a developer to talk to developers.

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Agile: The Secret to Scaling and Delivery

Iterative Management for Sustainability and Predictability

Agile is a form of Iterative Management. Most organizations need to manage or can benefit from an iterative or cycle-based system. The “cycle” is commonly based on a sprint or unit of capacity over time for a given team. Once discovered, capacity becomes a key determinant factor for planning and roadmap needs, including growth. Other teams contribute interdependently to support the sprint (goal). We identify necessary work and streamline or remove any bad interdependencies.

Highest Output for the Required Input

Experience in XP, Waterfall, freeform, producer-fed, and other work management systems confirms that Agile is still the best foundation for producing software or similar products that work in cycles. My approach takes existing meetings, effort, and procedures and "transforms" them into agile practices. We know software at scale needs a different approach than legacy paradigms.

The Software Craftsmanship Bonus

Agile needs to go further, so Software Craftsmanship is essential. Software is a craft devoid of any uniform system of mastery. Sandro Mancuso and others contributing to this field help make software practices and Agile better. A simple rule, such as my favorite, "Never make a business decision that affects software without someone from the software team in the meeting." Little changes make all the difference.

Change is Scary. Agile is progress.

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FAQ, Common Questions, and Key Information

What is agile transformation, and why is it essential for my organization?

Agile principles are the largest common denominator among all software endeavors. Developers and other craftsmen understand that a well-formed development system will allow them to write code (and not work for a dysfunctional company that also does code). Often software is one of, if not THE, biggest expense for a company. Agile gets the most out of software without burning out your team.

What is Capacity-based planning?

The short version is simple: This is the Agile approach. By understanding the capacity of a delivery team, an organization can collectively compromise and negotiate deadlines and work. There are a lot of tricks like abstraction of time, planning poker, and other solutions to create a stable throughput and pipeline of work.

What is included?

More details are found below.

How do you assess my team?

We begin with interviews and discovery. We will treat any modifications or client-specific considerations by the end of that phase. I will discuss findings and recommendations with leadership.

Are complete process changes required for agile transformation?

No. However, the underlying tools, methods, and reasoning are the most common and straightforward way to deliver software and similar products. A thorough understanding of Agile will allow your team to adapt, self-organize, see and incorporate change, and have the communication tools to grow.

What do I need to provide?

What if I have a large team?

Don't hesitate to contact me directly to generate a custom plan or refer you to one of my contemporaries who may be a better fit.

Have you done this before?

Overwhelming yes. As a manager and developer, I frequently introduce or refine agile and iterative processes for organizations. I have worked in, with, and under Agile methods for 15 years with dozens of teams.

Experience in agency environments is not to be dismissed. Agile is the backbone, with a new project starting every 3 to 6 months. Work often involves training or introducing agile workflows and principles to a new dev team or stakeholders.

How come your program is longer than others?

Results are a product of discipline. There is no shortcut or cheat code for discipline.

A multi-week immersion alone will never provide the foundation to handle turnover, growth, future failures, and approaching an entirely new challenge with confidence and deliver results. The timing I use hands off all the agile ceremonies and artifacts (meetings and work) comfortably to your team after participating.

Sustainable Agile-based work is dependent on more than making the motions. We must identify leaders, back-up leaders and remove any blockers people may have to participate in the process. Some blockers are often deep-rooted; only after a few weeks together can we, as a team, dig in for positive change.

What is included

  • Learn all of the Scrum ceremonies
  • Understand all of the artifacts
  • Procedures and decisions documented
  • Consultant lead and team-led instruction
  • Understand all of the Agile processes.
  • Non-dogmatic and organization-sympathetic customization
  • Understand Scrum Accountability
  • Incorporate the Agile Values into your workflow, team, and organization
  • Better Team Communication
  • Scaling and growth-ready teams
  • Faster Onboarding
  • Default procedures to keep output stable
  • A common language and approach for all teams to share
  • Stabilized capacity
  • Predictability for planning, delivery, and team coordination
  • Hands-on training from a certified Scrum Master with over a decade of experience
  • Discovery and instruction from professional software developer and project manager
  • Email Support


  • Procedures and decisions documented
  • Consultant lead and team-led instruction
  • Retro and stand up Templates
  • Pointing Exercises
  • Incorporate the Agile Values into your workflow, team, and organization

A perfect choice for a small team to get the basics, a crash course in Agile and sprints.


  • Everything in Basic
  • 8-week program (1 week sprints), over 30 hours of hands-on training.
  • Unlimited email support
  • 1-week dedicated to Discovery and Backlog Refinement
  • Planning and Roadmapping exercises
  • Best teaching pace and engagement format (show, teach, do)
  • Assistance conforming existing PM platform to Agile
  • and more...

The best choice for SMEs, small teams, and Start-Ups to set up the necessary foundation for success, growth, and peace of mind shipping products!


  • Everything from Professional
  • 12-24 Week program
  • Hands-on customized training we developed for and with your team
  • PM platform use case audit
  • Discovery, increased reporting, extended support (SLA)
  • Customized to needs and timeline

For larger teams, multiple teams, greater procedure support, and specialized program focus.

Add Ons

  • Extra Week
  • Set up of new PM software
  • Edit/modify existing PM software
  • Certification help for staff

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